The Annual Bench and Bar Reception and
The Logan E. Bleckley Distinguished Service Award

The Logan E. Bleckley Distinguished Service Award is conferred each year by the Litigation Section of the Atlanta Bar Association at the Section's Annual Bench and Bar Reception.   The Litigation Section presents the award to one of the judges of the courts located in Atlanta in recognition of years of devoted public service as a member of the judiciary.  The award is named for Logan E. Bleckley, Associate Justice from 1875 to 1879 and Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court from 1887 to 1894.  Bleckley is considered by many legal historians to be the most illustrious judge ever to sit on Georgia’s highest court.

Justice Bleckley was remembered upon his death for his intellect and his search for the Truth in the law, a subject upon which he enunciated his philosophy in an address to the Georgia Bar association and is inscribed in the award:

“Law is the scripture of Justice, the gospel of Right, and Truth is the minister at its altars.  Error is a pretender to holy orders, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, always striving to usurp the sacred office, or to share in the exercise of its functions.  To exclude Error from the sanctuary, and to admit and keep Truth within it, are objects of sedulous endeavor in every system of enlightened jurisprudence.”

- Justice Logan E. Bleckley


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